Couple dress as vampires every day

A couple have dramatically transformed their appearances into a modern day Dracula and vampire princess. Victoria Lovelace, 30, who originates from Sweden and now resides in LA, met her now-fiancé Dracul Grotesque, 36, three years ago.

Victoria calls herself a magical vampire princess from Sweden and works as a Gothic and alternative model. Her partner Dracul is a multi-instrumental musician.

The pair say they don't consider themselves as real-life vampires, but their fashion styles are mainly influenced by vampires and horror movies.

Victoria, who got permanent fangs a couple of years ago, told Barcroft TV: "I've always been obsessed with the vampire aesthetics and always dreamt of never getting old. I had also a dream of living in that magical world that you have a lot of Gothic castles, beautiful clothes, everybody would listen to nice music, people would be happy and would express themselves freely."