Laura Kuenssberg to front ‘frank and insightful’ BBC Brexit documentary

The BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg will take viewers behind the scenes of the ongoing Brexit drama in a new documentary.

The hour-long BBC Two film is slated to detail the “many and various twists and turns of the past few chaotic months”.

It will cover Boris Johnson securing the leadership of the Conservatives and becoming Prime Minister, plus the upcoming General Election.

Kuenssberg’s role as one of the country’s leading political journalists will be charted in the documentary, which will highlight her access to the Prime Minister, his Cabinet and the top politicians who oppose him.

With a working title of Inside Brexit: The Battle Continues with Laura Kuenssberg, the BBC said the programme will reveal “frank and insightful moments” from the politicians involved in the divisive and often emotional drama of Brexit.

Kuenssberg said: “Love or hate Brexit, it’s changing our lives. This programme is a chance for viewers to live and breathe the political story of our times on our camera’s shoulder.

“There’s no spoiler, because only a fool would predict the finale and the ultimate victor in the race for power and to stop or deliver Brexit.”

With the General Election on December 12 and the future of Brexit and Mr Johnson’s premiership in the balance, the BBC added: “This documentary will act as a film of record for the most unpredictable, important and exciting political story of our age.”

Executive producer Neil Breakwell said: “Filming with Laura on such a momentous story is an exhilarating experience.

“It’s an opportunity to capture history being made and to give the audience a unique insight into how the crazy world of politics and the media work.”

Mr Breakwell is the head of topical programmes at October Films, which is producing the documentary.