Johnson about to dodge ‘shortest-serving PM’ label


Boris Johnson is about to avoid the dubious honour of being the UK’s shortest-serving prime minister.

Tuesday November 19 marks the 119th day of Mr Johnson’s premiership.

This is the same number of days clocked up as prime minister by George Canning in 1827, before he died in office.

Mr Canning currently holds the record for being the shortest-serving PM in UK history.

POLITICS Election PrimeMinister
POLITICS Election PrimeMinister

Assuming Mr Johnson makes it unscathed into his 120th day on Wednesday, George Canning’s record will remain intact.

If the Conservatives lose the General Election on December 12, Mr Johnson would become the prime minister with the second shortest time in office.

But if he continues as PM, he will overtake another of his Tory predecessors just three days later, on December 15.

On this date he will pass the 1st Viscount Goderich, who served as prime minister for 144 days in 1827-28.