Scottish Lib Dem leader in plea to disaffected Labour voters

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has made a plea to Labour voters who feel they are “without a political home”.

Speaking at his party’s official campaign launch, Mr Rennie said the Labour Party is moving too far to the political left, leaving a number of voters disaffected.

He called on Labour moderates to instead vote Liberal Democrat on December 12.

Mr Rennie said: “The Labour Party are moving far to the left.

“They’re out of touch with moderate, reasonable people in this country. People who want to keep the United Kingdom in the European Union and want to focus on the big issues that the country faces.

“All of those people who are without a political home, I think they need to come with the Liberal Democrats, because we speak for them.

“By pledging to stop Brexit and in Scotland to stop independence, and dealing with the issues that people face, I think lots and lots of people will be voting Liberal Democrat.”

Speaking to supporters at the launch in Cramond, near Edinburgh, on Thursday, Mr Rennie made clear the party’s top priority in this election.

He said: “The Liberal Democrats in this campaign have got a crystal clear message.

Lib Dem Launch 2019
Lib Dem Launch 2019

“We want to stop Brexit, we want to stop independence and build a brighter future.

“With Jo Swinson as our leader, I think the party is going to do exceptionally well in this campaign.

“We need to stop Brexit, because every single option for it damages the economy and divides the country.

“We want to stop independence because that’ll just repeat the mistakes of Brexit.”

Mr Rennie said after revoking Article 50 and taking independence off the table, his party would shift its focus to mental health provisions, the NHS and to climate change – which he said is the “big crisis of this generation”.