Big Ben’s chimes to sound for first time since New Year


The famous chimes of Big Ben will sound for the first time since the New Year as part of technical tests ahead of Remembrance Sunday.

Clock mechanics will test the bell on Monday evening and Thursday morning before it strikes 11 times to mark the start of the two-minute silence at 11am on November 10.

Big Ben’s bongs were temporarily silenced in 2017 for the safety of workers involved in a four-year restoration scheme of the Elizabeth Tower.

It is only being reactivated for special occasions until the work programme is completed.

The bell will be struck intermittently to test the mechanism between 6pm and 10pm on Monday evening, ahead of a dress rehearsal on Thursday at 11am for the Remembrance Day Ceremony.

Big Ben will be struck 11 times at 11am on Remembrance Sunday, with the mechanism programmed to strike the bell at the usual strike rate of the Great Clock.