Watch incredible moment basketball coach lands 100ft trick shot from top of three story building

Staff writer

This is the jaw-dropping moment a basketball coach lands a 100ft trick shot from the top of a three story building.

Basketball coach Drew Maddux, 43, managed to pull off the whopping throw from the top of a building and land the ball straight into a basket. The dad-of-five and teacher who pulled off the incredible stunt, and is well-known for his ball skills.

Drew, from Nashville, Tennesse, in the united States, hit the headlines last month when he choreographed an epic 26-throw poolside trick-shot with at his son's birthday party.

This latest video shows Drew pull off one of his most impressive shots to date, saying: "We were so happy. I was on the roof with graduates of our school who work for me at my basketball camps in the summer".

Drew has been choreographing routines since 2016 and said his main aim is to inspire youngsters and encourage more enthusiastic participation in sport.