Wedding guest, invited by accident, kicked out by bride

An anonymous user on the Reddit website claimed that she and her partner were removed from a wedding because the bride accidentally sent them an invitation.

According to the post, the incident happened last Saturday.

"On the invite, we were invited from 2pm, so we duly arrived in time for that. We were surprised to be invited to the day, but knowing what a flaky friend the bride has been over the years, I could understand why she might be struggling to fill a room these days," the guest wrote, also revealing that she RSVPed to the bride after receiving the invite.

The guest said they "had a lovely chat" with the bride over a drink before the wedding dinner began after the ceremony. However, the occasion turned sour when "the chief bridesmaid came over to shepherd the couple out the door."

"This is really awkward and I'm really sorry to say this, but you're not supposed to be here until the evening and the bride is freaking out because there's no place setting for you," the guest writes that the bridesmaid said.

"She was implying that we had just rocked up and crashed the wedding, so I got the day invite, (which I'd luckily brought along) out of my pocket and showed her," the guest continued. "Rather than accept the mistake and try to accommodate us, she just kept saying how awkward this is until I said, don't worry, we'll go and have some food elsewhere and come back for the party."

The guest said that the UK wedding was split up into "tiers" which consisted of "a day invite for close family and friends and then a more casual invite for the party after the service, dinner and speeches."

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