Theresa May’s record at PMQs – the key numbers

Theresa May clocked up 95 sessions of Prime Minister’s Questions during her premiership – fewer than her predecessor David Cameron (181) but comfortably ahead of Gordon Brown (79).

Across those 95 sessions she was asked a total of 3,054 questions.

Roughly a quarter (24%) were about Brexit.

Mrs May’s final Prime Minister’s Questions ran for nearly 64 minutes – the longest session on record.

The previous record was 56 minutes, which was set on April 26 2017 at the session just before the 2017 general election.

During Mrs May’s three-year premiership, the length of Prime Minister’s Questions has gradually increased.

In 2016 a session lasted 38 minutes on average.

In 2017 this rose to 43 minutes, and in 2018 to 45 minutes.

The average length so far in 2019 has been 48 minutes.