Dyson fan catches the eye in Boris Johnson’s historic photo with the Queen

A discontinued Dyson product grabbed the attention of social media after being pictured at Buckingham Palace as the Queen invited Boris Johnson to become Prime Minister.

The photo, taken by PA photographer Victoria Jones, showed Mr Johnson being welcomed by the Queen after Theresa May formally offered her resignation.

However, many on social media appeared more interested in the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link purifier heater in the background, which suggested the monarch, like many of her subjects, was feeling the effects of July’s heatwave.

Journalist Jane Merrick tweeted: “The Queen has what looks like a Dyson Tower Fan to keep cool, which is the least that can be expected for a 93-year-old who’s been made to stay in the 33C capital instead of the Highlands.”

“Hard to beat Dyson here for British product placement,” added Will Heaven, director of think-tank Policy Exchange.

The product has now been replaced by the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool purifying fan heater, on sale on Dyson’s website for £549.99.

However those keen to replicate the Queen’s choice exactly could get hold of the Hot+Cool Link from £300 upwards.

Dyson declined to comment.