The UK now has more than 42,000 speed bumps

The number of speed bumps on UK roads has increased by five per cent to 42,000 in the past three years.

The speed calming measures are present on 14,000 roads and cover an estimated 2,000 miles of tarmac.

Research conducted on behalf of Citroen looked into official figures from local authorities. It found that investment in traffic calming has increased five per cent since 2015, with a further 12,000 traffic calming measures on UK roads including speed tables, ramps and width restrictions.

The London borough of Newham reported having speed bumps on every single road that it was responsible for maintaining. London boroughs typically had the highest percentage of roads under their care featuring speed bumps, taking eight of the top 10 spots.

Outside London, Norwich and Portsmouth had the highest percentage of roads with speed bumps, with 17 and 13 per cent respectively.

The origin of the speed bump dates back to the early 1900s in New Jersey, USA, where they were introduced to stop speeding. They made their way to the UK in 1983 under The Highways (Road Humps) Regulations.