Inside Trump’s 'world's most luxurious limo'

Inside the limo designed by Trump
Inside the limo designed by Trump

A proud collector is the owner of one of the world's rarest cars – a special 'Trump Edition' Cadillac, designed to be the 'world's most luxurious limo'.

In 1987 Cadillac and Donald Trump partnered on the idea of offering a 'Trump Edition' limousine.

The aim was to produce the world's most luxurious limo with specialists Dillinger Coachwork as the chosen coach-builder.

Their plan was to build 50 examples each of two slightly different models: The Trump Golden Series and the Trump Executive Series.

Both featured an electronic bar, three phones, TV and VCR, raised roof for extra headroom, plus a paper shredder and fax machine, all topped off with an iconic 'Cadillac Trump' crest.

Although the project was scrapped, Trump bought both cars, one for himself and the other for his father, but one model now resides in Brian Gram's Volo Auto Museum in Illinois.

Take a look inside the beast of a motor in the video above.