CCTV shows passengers' miracle escape during crash

This astonishing footage from inside a school bus shows two passengers' miraculous escape when the vehicle flipped in a hit and run crash. CCTV from the street shows the bus was driving along a road when another smaller vehicle pulled into its side.

The huge yellow bus skids across the carriageway, vaults a central reservation and flips over in the road. Footage from the inside shows a little boy and an adult supervisor, named Sathyavathi, were thrown around the bus - slamming off the ceiling - during the crash.

But shaken Sathyavathi, the driver's wife, immediately picks herself up and helps the child from the wreckage - escaping relatively unharmed.

Driver Gopal, said: "I do not know why driver of the other vehicle is still at large and he was not able to control the vehicle.

"I have yet to come out from the shock as I was stuck between the steering and driver's seat for a while.

"Passersby rescued me by pulling the seat."The bus belonged to Ryan International School, in Bannerghatta, Karnataka, India, and the crash happened at 8.50am on July 9.

Police are investigating.