The 10 happiest UK cities to live and work in

BRIGHTON, ENGLAND - APRIL 22: People enjoy the beach during the warm weather on Bank Holiday Easter Monday on April 22, 2019 in Brighton, England.  This Easter weekend has broken previous hot weather records with the warm weather expected to continue into next week. (Photo by Andrew Hasson/Getty Images)
People enjoy the beach during the warm weather in Brighton, England. Photo: Andrew Hasson/Getty Images

Brighton and Swansea are the happiest cities to live and work in the UK, research shows.

A survey of 2,000 Brits by job board CV-Library has revealed 59% of people feel happy every single day, with this figure rising significantly amongst professionals working in certain cities.

Brighton and Swansea topped the list, while workers in Bristol and Nottingham are some of the unhappiest, according to CV-Library.

Nine in 10 (86%) of Brits living in Brighton said they feel happy every day, closely followed by 75% of those living in Swansea and 70% of those in Glasgow.

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Almost as many people — 67% — feel happy every day in York, while 63% do in Lincoln, Belfast, and Edinburgh. A little less, 61%, feel happy every day in Birmingham and London.

With six in 10 workers saying they are happy every day, Manchester steals tenth place.

What’s more, according to the data, a further 57% of Brits enjoy their job.

This figure rose substantially for professionals in Glasgow (74%), Cambridge (68%), and Brighton (64%).

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On the other hand, three in five Brits living in Nottingham and Bristol said they do not feel happy every day, putting them well below the national average for happiness and making them the two unhappiest cities in the UK.

Similarly, 55% of those living in Cardiff, 53% in Bristol, and 52% in Cambridge said they do not feel happy every day.

Southampton (49%), Newcastle (46%), Bristol (44%), Oxford (44%), Bournemouth (43%), and Sheffield (42%) also made this list.

“At a time of constant negativity in the press, it’s fantastic to see the majority of Brits still feel happy on a daily basis,” Lee Biggins, CEO of CV-Library, said.

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“If you are struggling, it’s important to really consider what’s making you unhappy.

“Make a list and try to think of solutions. Maybe it’s time to find a new job, start a new hobby, or even take some time out to think about your goals.”