End of the road for the VW Beetle

Volkswagen's iconic Beetle received a send-off complete with mariachis as the very last one rolled off the production line in Puebla, Mexico.

During a span of eight decades, the curvy coupe won the hearts of budget-conscious drivers around the world with campaigns such as "Live below your means" - and it became an emblem of the counterculture 1960s, when a new one cost less than £1,600.

Over the years VW rolled out several versions of the 'Bug' - often in dayglo hues - leaving its Nazi-era origins in the rear view mirror.

The so-called 'New Beetle' arrived in the 1990s, and the German automaker introduced yet another edition in 2012.

Steffen Reiche, the chief executive of Volkswagen de Mexico, said "We're not only crying for the Beetle which has left. We're as well optimistic."

He said Volkswagen will begin producing the Tarek SUV at the Puebla plant in 2020, and while company executives have often said "never say never", this latest chapter in the Beetle's history is now closed.