Boris Becker’s memorabilia attracts bids totalling almost £700,000 in auction

An auction of trophies and memorabilia to pay off the debts of former tennis star Boris Becker has attracted bids totalling around £687,000.

All 82 lots of items from Mr Becker’s sporting career were sold during the auction, which closed four and a half hours after its expected end time on Thursday.

The money will benefit the German’s creditors after the 51-year-old was declared bankrupt in June 2017.

Boris Becker bankruptcy sale
Boris Becker bankruptcy sale

Auctioneers Wyles Hardy & Co said 495 participants of 32 nationalities registered for the auction, with some placing bids from the Wimbledon crowd.

The highest bid made was £150,250 on a full-size sterling silver replica of the US Open trophy by Tiffany & Co awarded to Mr Becker for his men’s singles win over Ivan Lendl in 1989.

A bid of £52,100 was made for a scale replica of the Davis Cup winners trophy, while a £40,250 bid was received for a sterling silver Renshaw Cup.

Other items in the sale included the trophy from Mr Becker’s 1985 Wimbledon singles defeat of Kevin Curren, a certificate commemorating the German star’s men’s doubles gold medal win with Michael Stich in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and a watch given to Mr Becker by current tennis world number one Novak Djokovic.

The sale of the three-time Wimbledon champion’s belongings was due to take place last year but was temporarily put on hold during a High Court action over his bankruptcy.

The former world tennis number one had sought an injunction by claiming diplomatic immunity following his appointment as an attache for the Central African Republic.

The claim was dropped in November and the auction was rescheduled for the end of June.

Terry Madden, from Wyles Hardy & Co, said: “It appears that free from the uncertainty created by the intervention last year, the sale has exceeded all our estimates.”

Boris Becker bankruptcy sale
Boris Becker bankruptcy sale

Mark Ford, lead trustee to the bankruptcy estate of Mr Becker, said: “Following huge amounts of global attention on the auction of the trophies and memorabilia from Boris Becker’s career, we are pleased to announce that it has come to a close with the total bids significantly exceeding last year.

“The bids received show the enduring appeal Mr Becker has with the public and supports the trustees’ decision to postpone the auction last year and to hold it again this year during the grass court tennis season.”

“The highest bid in 2018 for the US Open Trophy was £36,000 and this year it is £150,250, which is fantastic.”

Boris Becker bankruptcy sale
Boris Becker bankruptcy sale

He added: “We will be reporting back to creditors in due course and in line with our obligations.

“We still hope to locate and recover the missing trophies including six relating to Mr Becker’s successes at Wimbledon and his two Australian Open titles.

“If anyone has any information relating to these, please contact the trustees in bankruptcy.”