A cheese conveyor belt is coming to Londo

Diners might need to loosen their belts at a new restaurant in London.

They'll be able to eat 25 different types of cheese, served on a conveyor belt.

The new spot is called Pick & Cheese at Seven Dials Market in London's West End, and it's set to open in September.

Travel and foodie website the Matador Network says there's room for 38 people around an electronic track.

It's 130 feet long.

You'll know the price of the 25 cheeses from the UK by looking at the colour of the plate.

Sushi spots are famous for this idea, but the Matador Network says this is a first in the cheese world.

Pick & Cheese will also reportedly offer cheese-flavoured soft-serve ice cream, organic wine and off-menu grilled cheese.

If you've got a mild obsession with cheese, you could drop a lot of cheddar at this place!