Defendant in VIP paedophile ‘lies’ case tells of childhood plane flight to Paris

An ex-nurse accused of inventing a murderous VIP paedophile ring told a court he was flown to Paris on a private Boeing 747 to be abused as a child.

The claim, which he had not previously told detectives, came as Carl Beech was being cross-examined by the prosecution for a second day at Newcastle Crown Court.

Tony Badenoch QC, prosecuting, asked the defendant about a Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority claim form he completed.

Beech was eventually paid £22,000 after claiming to have been abused over years by high-profile paedophiles.

He did not name them in this form, but was later to tell the Metropolitan Police the sadistic child abusers included senior military figures, politicians and security chiefs.

In the claim form, he said he was abused as a child at different premises around the country.

In court the 51-year-old from Gloucester went on to claim to have been flown to Paris, at an unknown time.

Mr Badenoch asked him what kind of plane he was taken on.

Beech replied: “I haven’t reported that so I don’t want to say in open court.”

After Mr Badenoch pressed him on the matter, he said it was a private 747.

When asked who else was on the plane, Beech paused before replying: “I don’t recall.”

Mr Badenoch asked: “You got a Boeing 747 to Paris and you don’t recall… Because you are making it up as you go along?”

Beech replied: “No.”

Mr Badenoch asked why he had not mentioned the private flight to Paris in his 20 hours of interviews with the Metropolitan Police when he set out his claims about what happened to him as a boy.

Beech replied: “It was not something I was prepared to talk about.”

The court had previously heard how a £2 million investigation into his claims, named Operation Midland, ended without a single arrest, with the father of one eventually being investigated by Northumbria Police and arrested.

He denies 12 counts of perverting the course of justice and one of fraud, which relates to his compensation claim.