This couple created their dream house out of old shipping containers!

Joe and Adrianne Weingarten's home is anything but ordinary.

The couple was looking to purchase a new home in 2012 and stumbled upon this secluded find. The home, which is made entirely out of old shipping containers, spoke to the Weingartens in a way that no other house could.

"The architect who designed it isn't in the business of mass producing them," explained Joe to AOL Lifestyle. "There are very few container homes like this around -- we were very fortunate to find it and have the joy of living in the structure."

Created out of nine shipping containers, the home is connected by a stainless-steel breezeway to "allow the outdoors to come in." It features three bedrooms, including a master, a multi-purpose library, and a multi-purpose door that leads to a linen closet. The unique home also includes a media room, game room, luxury master bathroom as well as two offices.

"People think we're living in a box in the middle of the woods," explained Joe. "But once they come here, they appreciate the warmth and openness of the structure we live in."