Could this be Honda’s new electric sports car?

Honda could be on the verge of introducing a new electric sports car, with fresh patent images offering a first glimpse at its design.

Images filed by the manufacturer to the Japanese Patent Office show a car that bears a strong resemblance to the Sports EV Concept revealed at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. Its circular headlights and squared-off taillights are a direct link to the showcase vehicle, though a sleeker silhouette and longer rear end suggest its powertrain could be mid-mounted.

Though no information filed along with the patent gives any technical details on the car, its design all but guarantees this would be an electric vehicle. Not only does it look similar to the Sports EV, but it resembles the upcoming Honda e electric city car — the firm’s first dip into fully-electric waters.

Any other information beyond these drawings remains pure speculation for now, though an all-electric sports car would go along with Honda’s current push towards EVs. Its flagship NSX is already a hybrid, and it announced at this year’s Geneva Motor Show that every car it has on sale by 2025 will feature some form of electrification.

The earliest we’re likely to find out if Honda will put this sports car into production will be at the Tokyo Motor Show, taking place from October 24 to November 4.