What the papers say – June 30

Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn and Nigel Farage all feature on the front pages on Sunday.

The Sunday Telegraph reports that Mr Johnson is forming a Brexit war cabinet to force through Britain’s departure from the EU in his first 100 days in office.

Senior Labour MPs fear the party could lose a snap general election to a reinvigorated Tory party led by Mr Johnson because of internal feuding and indecision over Brexit, The Observer says.

The Sunday Times reports that Britain is on course for a hard Brexit confrontation with Brussels after both Tory leadership contenders revealed they were drafting in new negotiating teams to replace Theresa May’s failed deal with a new free trade agreement.

The Sunday Express leads on Mr Farage, reporting that he is to unveil plans for a £200 billion investment in the regions as the Brexit Party prepares to fight an autumn general election.

Meanwhile, the Mail on Sunday says Mr Corbyn launched an “astonishing” attack on the civil service over claims about his health.

In other news, the Sunday Mirror leads on what it calls a “military spending scandal”.

And the Sunday People reports that prisoners are being given “fantasy getaways” using virtual reality headsets as part of a reward scheme.