New press secretary Stephanie Grisham bruised during ‘brawl’

Incoming White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham was left with bruises following a scuffle between reporters and Kim Jong Un's security in North Korea on Sunday.

The melee took place as members of the US press pool tried to enter a room where President Trump and the North Korean strongman were meeting, according to The Associated Press.

Grisham and others were roughed up as North Korean security guards tried to keep the reporters from entering the room, located inside the Freedom House on the southern side of Panmunjom.

A source described the scene to CNN as "an all-out brawl". The Secret Service would intervene, the AP reported.

Grisham looked OK as she left the building, according to CNN. The new press secretary replaced Sarah Sanders, who walked away from the much-maligned White House role on Friday.

The fracas came after President Trump became the first US president to step onto North Korean territory during the surprise visit.

"Stepping across that line was a great honour," Trump said. "A lot of progress has been made, a lot of friendships have been made, and this has been in particular a great friendship."