British tennis star Heather Watson says she will never date another player

Tennis star Heather Watson has said she will “never mix business with pleasure again”, branding dating another player “just too tough”.

Britain’s number two split from 25-year-old and fellow UK pro Lloyd Glasspool last year after what she said was a “passionate, intense two-year affair”.

Lloyd Glasspool and Heather Watson  (Ian West/PA)
Lloyd Glasspool and Heather Watson (Ian West/PA)

During an interview with the Mail on Sunday’s You magazine, asked if she would date another player again, Watson said: “Hell, no. It’s just too tough.

“I would never mix business with pleasure again.”

The 27-year-old Guernsey-born sportswoman described how playing schedules and travelling impacted their relationship – which featured “lots of FaceTiming”.

“We blew hot and cold, we ended up arguing a lot and I guess we both put our careers first. We didn’t talk for a while. I had to get him out of my system,” she added.

Watson revealed she recently went on a date after meeting someone online, but admitted she is “only interested if there’s chemistry”, and how she is romantic and wants the “real deal”.

With Wimbledon due to get under way on Monday, she hailed fellow Brit Andy Murray as a “great guy” who is “so supportive of women in the game”.

Ahead of the tournament, she admitted: “Winning Wimbledon is what I live for. Walking on to Centre Court is a feeling like no other.”

Describing the Duchess of Sussex as “awesome”, like Meghan Watson said she has also been on the receiving end of racist comments online.

Revealing she has been called a monkey and told to “go back to the zoo”, Watson said she has also had to deal with death threats.

“Someone was arrested a couple of days ago who had been sending hateful messages to players,” she added.

“It’s been easiest to just block anyone who is offensive, but I’d like to see them say it to my face.”