Theresa May tells her party to stick to ‘traditional Tory values’

Theresa May urged the Tory party to stick to its traditional values as she called on her successor to maintain her approach to “co-operation and compromise” on the world stage.

Either Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt will replace the Prime Minister on July 24 after the outcome of the Tory leadership contest.

At the end of the G20 summit in Osaka, Mrs May offered her advice on how the Tories should combat the twin threats of the Brexit Party and the resurgent Liberal Democrats.

“I think what’s important for the Conservative Party is that we continue as a party and as a Government in delivering on the values that have always underpinned what we as Conservatives believe in,” she said.

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“That’s about security, as much about economic security through a balanced approach to the economy, that’s enabling us to end austerity.

“We are seeing employment levels at a record high and it’s enabled us to bring our debt down, and our deficit down.

“We also provide opportunity for people – you see that in what we have been doing for example in terms of the new T-Levels (school exams) we have been introducing – and giving people the freedom to actually be able to make decisions for themselves, and the freedom to spend more of their own money – 32 million people with tax cuts under a Conservative Government – Conservatives have been delivering for the people of the UK and will continue to do so.”

On the international stage, Mrs May suggested the UK’s success was linked to “collaboration with other countries”.

G20 summit
G20 summit

Mrs May said: “This is my final G20 summit as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

“We have always understood that our success as a nation is tied to our collaboration with other countries and the relationships we build.

“And I have no doubt that Britain will retain the same strong spirit of international co-operation and compromise that has long characterised our engagement with the rest of the world.

“Because this is the only way that we can protect and promote our interests and ensure the prosperity and security of our citizens for years to come.”