Mysterious ball appeared in the ocean - and it turned out to be incredibly dangerous

Fishermen have had an unexpected encounter off the coast of Australia. A gigantic spherical object was floating on the water. Only later did the fishermen realise how dangerous the situation was.

36-year-old Mark Watkins and his father made an astonishing and frightening discovery. They realised just in time what the ball really was.

An unknown floating object

Their first thought was that a boat must have capsized, or a hot air balloon crashed? As they came closer, they realised that what was floating in the water was not a manmade construction, but an organic object.

As they came even closer, it became clear: the ball was in fact the carcass of a humpback whale. Gases had formed inside the carcass during its decomposition, causing it to float to the surface.

The danger was that any second the carcass could explode under the pressure of the decomposition gases. Thankfully, the moment they realised, the fishermen were able to flee the scene.