Extraordinary poll shows Lib Dems could win next general election

House of Commons and Palace of Westminster next to Thames river in London.
A new YouGov poll puts says the Liberal Democrats could win the next General Election (GETTY)

The Liberal Democrats could score victory at general election if Labour maintains it’s position of an ‘alternative Brexit’, according to a new poll.

It comes after the Tories and Labour fell behind the Lib Dems and Brexit Party in voter intention polls for three weeks running.

The survey, conducted by YouGov in conjunction with the New Statesmen and published Friday, comes as Jeremy Corbyn comes under pressure to change Labour’s stance on Brexit.


The electorate was asked: “What happens if Corbyn holds to his current position of delivering an alternative Brexit?”

The hypothetical survey showed that if Jeremy Corbyn retained his current stance on Brexit, Labour would retain 38 percent of its 2017 voters, with around 39 percent moving to the Lib Dems.

Labour would lose half - or 51 percent - of its post-2017 defectors to the Lib Dems.

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The Lib Dems hypothetical victory in this scenario could be driven by the fact that 52 per cent of people who voted Remain in 2016 would vote for the Lib Dems, while just 21 per cent would vote for Labour.

A second question asked respondents: ‘What happens if Corbyn switches Labour’s position to outright opposition to Brexit and support for a new referendum?


Responses showed the number Remainers who vote Lib Dem would fall to 40 percent, while those who would vote Labour rises to 33 per cent.

However, one in four ex-Labour voters would still move to the Lib Dems (25 per cent).

Meanwhile the race for the Tory leadership - and also the person in charge of Brexit - sees Boris Johnson and Jeremy hunt go head to head in a series of nationwide part hustings.

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