Inside the 'homey' Grand Designs-style Japanese cottage wrapped within an aircraft hangar

Take one Japanese cottage, stick an aircraft hangar on top and what do you have?

A Grand-Designs style property that surprises visitors by how "homey" it is.

The home within a home, Bunny Lane, is the brainchild of architect Adam Kalkin.

The cottage, in Somerset, New Jersey, US, dates from 1880 and was originally built by a gardener from Kyoto, Japan.

But it wasn't to Kalkin's taste - so he put an aircraft hangar on top of it to "create contrast, volume and other ways of living".

He added: "I didn't like the cottage when I first saw it but, you know, anybody and anything can be redeemed, so it was a process of redemption."

The house has a living room with huge garage doors for windows, which let in a lot of natural light and a "commercial-style" stainless steel kitchen which Kalkin describes as the "heart of the house".

There is also an office, a gym, a library housing more than 4,000 books and a quirky outdoor fireplace salvaged from the original cottage.

"I think when people come into the house (they) were surprised by actually how homey it is because they see different ideas of what a home can be."

The cottage was named after the large number of rabbits which used to be found in the area, although Kalkin says they've now been replaced by foxes.