Homeowner scolds delivery driver for urinating in front of driveway

A delivery driver was scolded by a homeowner in Leeds when the driver urinated right in front of a driveway on Tuesday.

The angry woman screamed "pull into a garage" as the driver relieved himself.

The driver faces towards the person filming and shrugs, as filmer repeats: "Well go into a garage, don't p**s there where there's kids walking past - that's disgusting!"

"This man is delivering to houses and shaking hands. He never washed his hands, it's disgusting. It wasn't exactly a secluded area, either," said the homeowner who captured the brazen act.

An AO spokesperson told MailOnline: "We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service so, this incident is of real concern to us.

"We apologise for any offence caused and will ensure that steps are taken so that this doesn't happen again."