Angry Deliveroo driver pulls out knife

This is the moment a Deliveroo driver got so angry with a moped driver that he pulled out a knife and began threatening him.

The video shows a man wearing a white helmet in black and green moving towards two black moped drivers in Clapham Common, London. An eyewitness driving in the neighbourhood described him pulling out "quite a big knife" on the A3 Clapham Common North Side as the two drivers backed off quickly.

They said they called the police as soon as they saw the knife - and claimed that officers arrived immediately "and out of nowhere" to arrest the Deliveroo driver.

This latest incident follows a knife epidemic which has paralysed the capital - including a double stabbing in the area on June 15th.

'To carry knives while on shift is unbelievable'

The eyewitness said: "I witnessed a fight between a few moped drivers, from what appeared to be road rage. "One of the drivers then pulled out quite a big knife and was trying to attack the others. "The one with the knife was obviously on shift for Deliveroo.

"I called the police and they literally appeared out of nowhere to arrest the driver. "When you compare all of the knife attacks in London recently, the fact that a famous food service allows its couriers to carry knives while on shift is unbelievable."

A Deliveroo spokesman said: "We are currently investigating this incident and the potential involvement of any riders working with Deliveroo. "We take a zero tolerance approach to violence or threat of violence amongst riders."