George Foreman tricked into sharing pic of 'huge fan' - gunman Raoul Moat

George Foreman was tricked into sharing Raoul Moat tweet
George Foreman was tricked into sharing Raoul Moat tweet

George Foreman has been tricked into sharing a picture of infamous gunman Raoul Moat.

Two-time world heavyweight champion and Olympic god medallist Foreman retweeted a picture of Moat, who sparked a huge police manhunt in 2010 after he shot his ex-girlfriend and killed her partner.

A joker tweeted a picture of Moat to the boxer, with the message: “hi George. My uncle was a huge fan of yours, you was his favourite heavyweight of all time.

“Sadly he’s lost his life long battle with nits about 8 and a half weeks ago. It would mean the world if you would notice this tweet.”

Presumably not initially noticing the apparent fatal case of head lice, Foreman shared the image of Moat with his 172,000 followers, with the message: “Means the world to me to read this tweet!

“Thank you for sharing with me. Must have been some man.”

The tweet has prompted a huge reaction and has been retweeted almost 10,000 times and garnered hundreds of replies.


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Once alerted to his mistake, Foreman tweeted: “Don’t forget, ‘I’m the old Dope from the Rope a Dope. My only claim is sincerity!”

And later, he added: “I think somebody is having fun with me; I’m making a comeback now. 3 months I’ll be ready for this guy. I’ll be through laughing too.”