Teenagers urged ‘Don’t be a Dick’ in new video campaign

Police have backed a video campaign created by teenagers called “Don’t be a Dick” which encourages young people to behave.

It features 82-year-old Vin Welch – the father of actress Denise Welch and grandfather of Matty Healy from the band 1975, playing a yobbish character called “Richard” getting up to no good in Stanley, County Durham.

The tagline, dreamt up by local youngsters, is “Don’t be a Dick”.

The town hit the headlines in November when it was the scene of trouble between a large group of young people and police.

Shocking video of the disturbing scenes was shared to encourage parents to ask more questions about what their children are doing.

Sergeant Dave Clarke, of Durham Police, said the phrase was a handy way of telling someone to calm down.

He said: “It’s a way of telling your mate, without coming across as a party pooper, maybe they are overstepping the mark, and they need to wind their neck in, without getting bent out of shape.”

Police will be handing out DBAD – Don’t be a Dick – merchandise at a local youth club and there will be a theme park trip to encourage youngsters to share the message on social media.

Sgt Clarke said: “Vin is such a fab guy, and we never stopped laughing the whole day.”

He said the trouble last year was caused by “four or five kids” spoiling it for the majority of well-behaved youngsters.