Rory Stewart eliminated from Conservative leadership race

Rory Stewart has been eliminated from the Tory leadership race after the third round of voting by Conservative MPs, as Boris Johnson again topped the ballot.

After being voted out, Stewart tweeted: "I am so moved & inspired by the support I have received over the last few weeks – it has given me a new faith in politics, a new belief in our country. I didn't get enough MPs to believe today – but they will. I remain deeply committed to you and to this country. #RoryWalksOn"

Here are the results of the third round of voting by Tory MPs:

– Boris Johnson: 143

– Jeremy Hunt: 54

– Michael Gove: 51

– Sajid Javid: 38

– Rory Stewart: 27

After topping the ballot for a third time, Boris Johnson tweeted: "Thank you once again to friends and colleagues for your support in the third ballot – especially on my birthday! We've come a long way but we have much further to go."

Elsewhere, Jeremy Hunt wrote: "Three times now MPs have chosen me as the person best-paced to take on Boris. If I make it to the final I will put my heart & soul into giving him the contest of his life: in politics today the unexpected often happens. The stakes too high to allow anyone to sail through untested."

Sajid Javid reacted by tweeting: "Delighted to make it through to the final day of MP voting. Grateful for the support of many excellent colleagues. We can do this! #TeamSaj #BrexitAndBeyond

And had some kind words for his vanquished adversary:

The next round of voting will be on Thursday, June 20.