Internet thinks Kate Middleton was 'rude' to Queen Letizia -- here's the truth

Order Of The Garter Service At Windsor Castle
Order Of The Garter Service At Windsor Castle

Another day, another royal moment that's been dramatised by Twitter.

Just a few days after a video of Prince Harry believed to be "scolding" Meghan Markle at the annual Trooping the Colour went viral, another video is blowing up on Twitter -- and this time it involves Kate Middleton.

Now-viral footage shows the Duchess of Cambridge at Monday's Order of the Garter ceremony as she's exiting the car alongside Queen Maxima of the Netherlands. In the video, Kate is seen promptly stepping out of the car and walking directly past Queen Letizia of Spain.

The moment has been deemed "frosty" and "rude" given the lack of proper protocol expected for someone of Letizia's royal ranking.

"Wasn't she supposed to curtsey or something? She didn't even look at her. That's rude in any gathering," wrote one Twitter observer. Called out another, "Kate ignored queen Letizia. Who does she think she is?"

Other users were quick to jump to Kate's defense and call out the misrepresentation of the video. In fact, Duchess of Cambridge and the Queen of Spain had already met by this point, even sharing a carriage ride earlier at the event.

Protocol aside, however, body language expert Judi James did notice some obvious tension between the two leading ladies during the ride about.

"Her body language reflected tension during the ride at the Trooping of the Colour and this could be a similar problem for her here," James said about the duchess. James also mentioned Kate's affinity for motion sickness may be the reason she looks "tense".

"There's no obvious signs of close bonding in the carriage but if Kate is struggling with queasiness that's probably not surprising," she continued, according to the Express. "It might also account for the large spatial gap between the women as they both listen to the men talk."

For more on Monday's royal-studded event, watch the video above.