I love you so much: Sajid Javid shares letter from 10-year-old daughter

Sajid Javid said a day in which he remained in the Tory leadership contest “got so much better” thanks to a letter he received from his daughter.

The Home Secretary, who finished fourth in the third round of voting as Rory Stewart was knocked out of the race, arrived home to find a letter from 10-year-old Maya, one of his four children.

Maya wrote: “I am writing this letter because I am proud of you for doing so well for coming this far to being prime-minister.

“I love you so much and belive in you and you have to belive in yourself too all you need to become pm is passion, love, confedence and sportsmanship. Thats all you need.

“if you don’t come pm me and your lovely family will be proud and be greatfull that we have shuch an amazing dad/husband. Love you so much!

“from Maya!”

Mr Javid launched his leadership campaign earlier this month with a video that showed his family waving him off as he left for work in the morning.

He shared the letter from Maya via Twitter, writing: “A long but exciting day just got so much better… came home to this from my 10yr old. Whatever happens next, I will be happy.”

The next two rounds of the leadership contest will take place on Thursday, with another two contenders being knocked out of the race.

Mr Javid finished fourth in Wednesday’s third round with 38 votes from fellow Tory MPs, 13 behind Michael Gove in third place.