Chickens cling to lorry going 60mph after falling out of crate

A car passenger has published footage of several chickens clinging to the side of a lorry as the driver knowingly kept speeding down the Western Ring Road in Melbourne, Australia.

The birds had bounced out of their crates when the vehicle hit a bump.

Ryan Young, a passenger in a car travelling alongside the truck, videoed the incident which he later described as "shocking". He said around seven birds were set loose.

Young told he wound down his window to tell the trucker what was happening, but to no avail:

"I pulled up next to him and told him about it, but he just said 'I can't get up there, there's nothing I can do'.

"He was very casual about it all, I couldn't believe it."

Young says another truck tried to get the driver's attention but received a similar response.

When contacted by an RSPCA Victoria spokesperson said the organisation does not comment on animal cruelty cases if 10 or more livestock animals are involved, and that this was a case for the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions.