Infant Barbary macaque spotted nestling with father at safari park

A safari park’s latest arrival is a baby Barbary macaque, born earlier this month.

Three-week-old Daisy has been seen nestling with father Oliver at Blair Drummond, near Stirling.

Unlike other types of macaque, the males share the parenting and help to rear their young, spending a significant amount of time with them.

Father’s Day at Blair Drummond Safari Park
Father’s Day at Blair Drummond Safari Park

The images come just a few days before Father’s Day.

Blair Drummond Safari Park spokeswoman Liz Gunn said: “We’re delighted with our new arrival.

“She’s only three weeks old, so still very little, but is getting more confident and is beginning to explore.

“Daisy is being doted on by male macaques Oliver and Phil, returning to mummy Coral for feeding.

“This weekend we’re celebrating fathers by offering free admission to dads on Saturday 15 and Sunday June 16.”