Tory leadership contest Live: First round of voting comes to an end

Conservative MPs have voted in the first ballot of the Tory leadership contest – in which at least one contender will be knocked out.

Leadership hopefuls need at least 17 votes in the secret ballot to go through to the second round, with anyone below that threshold automatically eliminated. The result is expected to be announced at 1pm.


Andrea Leadsom, who is among the 10 candidates, said she was feeling “very positive and optimistic and hopeful that I will be getting enough support from colleagues to go through to the next round”.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove said he had voted for the “best candidate”.




Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg, who is backing front-runner Boris Johnson for the top job, warned that more than one candidate could be knocked out.

He told the Press Association: “Mark Harper doesn’t seem in a very strong position.

“The bottom one goes and anyone under 5% goes. So, it could be more than one who’s knocked out.”