Old bus purchased on eBay turned into a beautiful home

As people look for more sustainable, and affordable, ways to live an increasing number are turning to the conversion of old coaches.

One beautiful example of this re-use is Jessie Lipskin's conversion of a 1966 GMC Greyhound bus, the same model featured in the Kenu Reeves action movie, Speed.

Jessie spotted the vehicle for sale on eBay back in 2015 and snapped it up for just £5,000 ($7,000).

She spent the next few years renovating and redecorating the inetrior and exterior of the bus, spending a further £50,000 ($63,000) in the process.

"My first draw to the alternative sustainable lifestyle was the documentary Garbage Warrior," Lipskin told Bored Panda. In the feature-length documentary Michael Reynolds, an eco-architect, designs and builds Earthships using all-recycled materials.

"[It] really resonated with me. I began to consume everything I could read, more about sustainable lifestyles. Ultimately, a bus conversion into a home on wheels seemed like a perfect solution: I could easily explore new places (finding a permanent place to settle, in the short term, was not a priority for me), and I could continue to live a vegan lifestyle."

"RVs [recreational vehicles or campervans] lacked the aesthetic I was going for, so I landed on a vintage bus conversion which could be registered and insured as an RV."

Jessie added that the toughest part of the process was finding the right people to help her complete the tine home conversion.

"I love DIY. However, I don't have experience with plumbing, electrical, carpentry needed for this project," she added.

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"The big challenge was that it was very different from working on a home that's fixed in one location. I constantly had to account for movement, on top of that the angles of the bus and slanted style windows made it challenging to design the best possible layout and curved woodworking for my tiny home. Levels were useless as the bus incline changes depending on location, and it was all about calculating angles. This added a lot of time on to the project."

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Having completed the project last year Lipskin decided to sell her beautifully designed home for £120k ($149,000) with the aim of traveling the world with stops including Malta and Russia.