Charles and Camilla wear face masks for animal charity ball

Elephant Family charity's Animal Ball
Elephant Family charity's Animal Ball

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall donned sequined face masks as they hosted a celebrity-filled masquerade ball for an animal charity.

Guests at the evening reception at Clarence House included designer Vivienne Westwood, actor Douglas Booth and artist Tracey Emin.

The glitzy ball, which saw guests wear colourful animal-themed headgear, was in aid of the Elephant Family – an international NGO dedicated to protecting the Asian elephant from extinction in the wild.

The charity has funded more than 160 conservation projects and raised over £10 million for the endangered animal through public art events since it was launched 2002.

The royal couple were seen laughing with formally dressed guests, some of whom were wearing extravagant elephant, leopard and sea-themed headpieces.

Camilla's late brother Mark Shand was the founding force behind the charity.

The population of Asian elephants has roughly halved in the last 50 years in the face of poaching, a growing skin trade, and demand for wild-caught babies for tourism.

Some 90% of the animals' habitat has also disappeared in that time.

Elephant Family funds pioneering projects across Asia to reconnect forest fragments, prevent conflict and fight wildlife crime.