Sneeze causes driver car to roll over

An inopportune sneeze almost cost a man in Tennessee his life this week, after it led to his Ford rolling over and bursting into flames.

The 42-year-old driver was able to escape after a set of good Samaritans rushed to turn the SUV back upright.

Investigators say an "allergy attack" and subsequent sneezing fit saw the driver lose control of the vehicle, flip over and slide down the middle of the road, which in turn causes a fire to start under the bonnet.

"I just started sneezing, like my allergies were flaring, and I started sneezing," the driver told TV station WKRN.

"It felt like my front right tyre went out, all of a sudden. It was slamming, and it was all a blur. And the next thing I know, I was spinning, and it was over on its side."

The crash played out in front of a group of golfers and construction workers who banded together to push the right the SUV, allowing the driver to escape.

"My adrenaline was flowing," the driver told WKRN. "Literally, I had a bruise on my arm and that was it. ... I'm like, 'Are you kidding me? I just flipped this car, and I'm walking away with a bruise?'"

One report estimates that as many as 2,500 accidents are caused a week because of sneezing.

Experts say you should pull over if you feel a sneeze coming on and don't drive if you have a severe cold and are prone to sneezing.