Meet the 'world's sexiest woman'

Olivia Culpo at an LA event on 11 June 2019 [Photo: Getty]
Olivia Culpo at an LA event on 11 June 2019 [Photo: Getty]

Olivia Culpo has turned heads on stage as Miss Universe, on screen in acting roles, and on Instagram as an eye-popping influencer who’s not shy of flashing some serious skin.

Now the beauty queen is turning heads at magazine stands, gracing the cover of Maxim as the newly crowned ‘World’s Sexiest Woman’.

The 27-year-old earned her latest title on the magazine’s most recent cover, and with the portfolio and visual presence she boasts, it’s not hard to see why.

Topping the ‘Hot 100’

After claiming the title of Miss Universe in 2012, the American model has amassed over 4 million fans on Instagram, and graced magazine covers from Esquire to Cosmopolitan.

She shared the news of her latest win to Instagram on Tuesday, posting a snap of the cover along with a caption expressing her excitement over the milestone.

The cover shows the celebrity clad in a silk robe, and lacy briefs, with a flimsy tie the only thing saving her from Instagram’s no-nudity policy.

“I’ve always looked at the Maxim Hot 100 with admiration,” she gushed in the caption, revealing she drew inspiration from the ‘smart and successful’ women who had graced the cover before her.

The post is sitting just shy of 100k likes just hours after being posted, and has attracted a slew of congratulatory comments.

“Congrats Olivia!!” wrote one fan, while another said, “You. Are. Such. A. Babe”.

Maxim release their ‘Hot 100’ list every year, and crowned Kate Upton the ‘world’s sexiest’ in 2018, while Hailey Baldwin - now Hailey Bieber - topped the list in 2017.

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An apple a day

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Not so squeaky-clean

The former beauty queen originally appeared in the public eye as a pageant queen with a squeaky clean reputation, and a talent for the cello.

But, more recently, she came under fire for her social media presence.

Her former flame NFL star Danny Amendola, reportedly dragged Olivia for her filtered approach to life on social media, labelling it a ‘fishbowl’.

However, he later deleted the post.

The brunette beauty is also a former flame of Nick Jonas, and some say the subject of his hit song Jealous.

Olivia, who is the middle of five children and hails from Rhode Island, also runs a family restaurant in her home town.