Man lost 11-and-a-half stone in just six months

A man loses whopping 11-and-a-half stone
A man loses whopping 11-and-a-half stone

A man has lost a whopping 11-and-a-half stone in just six months - following in the footsteps of his mum who was a super slimmer in the 70s.

At his heaviest, morbidly obese Adrian Wren, 42, tipped the scales at more than 28 stone.

Adrian was consuming a gut-busting 5,000 calories a day, gorging on crisps, sweets, fast food and fizzy drinks.

His obesity began to take a serious toll on his health and he said he was even close to having a heart attack.

Last year Adrian began to develop problems with his gallbladder but medics, who classed him as a high risk patient because of his weight, said they wouldn't operate.

But inspired by his mum's slimming success in the 70s, the dad-of-one decided to shed the pounds. Mum Liz Wren, 65, lost five stone in six months in 1978 and even started up her own weight loss classes - which she ran for ten years.

A man loses whopping 11-and-a-half stone
A man loses whopping 11-and-a-half stone

The stay at home mum had been a keen bowler since was 16-years-old but gave up when she had children and the pounds began to pile on.But after cutting the calories, champion bowler Liz was able to get back on the green and became the first woman to hold both British indoor and outdoor bowling titles.

And now she has been able to share her slimming success with her son Adrian - more than 40 years later.

Management consultant Adrian remembers growing up hearing about his mum's weight loss success and said it always resonated with him.

Adrian from Falkirk, who now weighs 16st 12 lbs, said: "Over six months mum lost six stone.

"She was on the silhouette diet, eating everyday foods and exercised pretty much the same as me.

"She was doing fitness classes and totally changing the way she was eating.

"Growing up I always knew about my mum's weight loss and her keep fit classes."It's something that's always resonated with me.

"She's been really supportive and the fact she's seen it coming off also, I think she's been in awe of what I've done and how I've dealt with it."

A man loses whopping 11-and-a-half stone
A man loses whopping 11-and-a-half stone

Adrian's health scare prompted him to adopt a very low calorie diet (VLCD) programme - consuming 600 calories a day and drinking three litres of water.

He ditched his high cal diet for fish-based meals, fruit and veg, slimming down to a 34-inch waist from a 50-inch and said he has gained a new lease of life.

Adrian has played football again for the first time in 25 years and enjoys going for long dog walks and swimming with his daughter Ruby, seven.

He said: "I had a gallbladder issue and had a meeting with a consultant who said he couldn't operate on me.

"I was a serious risk for a heart attack or diabetes.

"I think that was the kick up the backside I needed."As part of the VLCD diet I dropped down to eating 600 calories, drinking three litres of water and lots of walking per day.

"I'm back playing football now and going swimming with my daughter.

"The way that I was we weren't able to do all that but we can now."Reducing my weight came down to portion control, instead of feeling like I needed to finish all my food.

"I've stayed away from fizzy drinks and not drank alcohol since November either."Proud mum Liz said maintaining her weight loss is ongoing and son Adrian has done well on his journey.

She said: "I'm absolutely delighted that Adrian has lost the weight."I'm so proud of him."Health-wise, looks wise, happy wise, I'm just over the moon."

"He's done really well, he really has."It's not the easiest thing to stay focused on that diet but he's seen the light as they say."

Liz, who slimmed down to 9st, said the thyroid medication she was taking at the time contributed to her weight gain in the 70s.

The gran, from Denny near Falkirk, hailed her slimming diet and weight loss as the difference in being able to return to bowling and become a British champion.

She said: "I had a non-cancerous lump removed from my throat and lost my thyroid."I was taking thyroid medication and it was hard to keep the weight off."I just wanted to eat everyday foods and it's been ongoing for me.

"I did professional bowling then I married and stopped for a while when I had children."I wouldn't have been able to return without losing weight.

Adrian's diet before:

Breakfast - Bacon roll
Lunch - Subway or McDonald's
Dinner - Takeaway

Adrian's diet after:

Breakfast - Protein shake and protein bar
Lunch - Protein shake and protein bar
Dinner - Fish, chicken or an omelette with veg