This record-breaking Honda lawnmower goes from 0-100mph in six seconds

Honda has just broken the Guinness World Record for the fastest lawnmower to travel from zero to 100mph with a time of 6.29 seconds.

The Mean Mower V2 uses the 999cc four-cylinder engine from the company’s Fireblade SP motorbike. It makes 190bhp at 13,000rpm, giving the lawnmower an incredible power-to-weight ratio of 1000bhp per tonne. For context, a McLaren P1 hypercar makes less than 600bhp per tonne.

Official Guinness World Record adjudicators required the mower, which was piloted by British stunt driver Jess Hawkins, to complete two runs in opposite directions within an hour of each other. An average of the two times was then taken as the official result.

Built in collaboration with Honda’s British Touring Car Championship partner Team Dynamics, the other key rule stated that the Mean Mower must ‘intrinsically look like a lawnmower’ and demonstrate that it can cut grass.

To achieve this, the team fitted panels from Honda’s HF2622 lawn tractor to an extended chassis, which also had sticky Hoosier drag tyres fitted. The cutter deck was adapted to fit the new set-up and used lightweight carbon-fibre blades to mow.

Dave Hodgetts, managing director of Honda UK, said: “The original Mean Mower was an incredible achievement, but this time we’ve taken it to a whole new level with V2.

“After taking the top speed record in 2014, we wanted to do something a little different by setting an all-new record for acceleration, and the result is fantastic. Team Dynamics have gone above and beyond in developing and building this real feat of engineering, and hats off to Jess for being brave enough to get behind the wheel!”

Honda says it also took the opportunity to test the mower’s top speed while it had independent timing officials on hand, recording 150.99mph.