Man finds 5ft poisonous cobra hidden in his toilet

This is the moment a man escaped death after finding a 5ft poisonous snake hiding in his loo. Pramod Kumar found the cobra curled up in the bottom of the toilet pan as he woke up to wash and brush his teeth.

Panicked, Kumar phoned the snake rescue helpline who raced round to his home in Bangalore, south India to remove the snake. Footage shows the rescue worker yanking the reptile's tail while attempting to fish it out with a snake rod.

The snake, which is thought to have sought refuge in the toilet to escape the hot weather conditions, can be seen stubbornly clinging onto the pan while the rescuer repeatedly flushes the chain. After a three-hour rescue operation the snake was finally placed into a bag and released into a nearby forest

Pramod said: "To my horror, I discovered the snake hidden inside the pan."Had I not noticed it, it could have taken my life. "I immediately called the right authorities who later contacted the snake helpline to rescue out the venomous creature out of my pan."