Vote Green to fight the far-right, say Green Party leaders

Green Party co-leaders Jonathan Bartley and Sian Berry will today will use their joint leaders’ speech in their party conference in Scarborough to position the Greens as in opposition to the far right in Europe.

Mr Bartley will say: “The Green Party are at the forefront of standing up to the far right – right across Europe.

“They have their own violent vision for the future. But we hold the tools to stop them.

“We say to everyone on the verge of joining our movement. The time is now. We will beat the climate crisis and we will beat the rising tide of far right hate.”

Ms Berry will say: “Conference, the old politics is not working, and all the old parties are responsible.

“They have all given ground to the right, on freedom of movement, on Europe, on public spending. Labour and Conservatives yes, but let’s not forget that while the Lib Dems paint themselves as the defenders of liberal, internationalist values, they were all too happy to sign up to the austerity programme that has cost an estimated 130,000 lives.”