Putin attacks attempts to ‘push Huawei from global markets’

Attempts are being made to unceremoniously push Chinese tech giant Huawei from the global markets, Vladimir Putin has said.

The Russian president also criticised the United States for using the dollar as a tool to “pressure the rest of the world”.

His comments came after Chinese president Xi Jinping praised Mr Putin during a visit to Moscow earlier this week, describing him as his “best friend”.

Speaking at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum on Friday, Mr Putin said: “Let’s remember, Huawei, which has not just been put aside.

Russia Economic Forum
Russia Economic Forum

“There are unceremonious attempts at pushing Huawei from the global markets.

“Some call it the first technological war of the new digital era.”

Huawei has been subjected to intense scrutiny amid accusations of having close ties to the Chinese state, with some critics arguing that its telecoms equipment could be used to spy on people in the West.

The company has always strongly denied the claims, insisting it abides by the laws of each country in which it is present.

America has urged its allies, including Britain, not to use its equipment or face being cut off from US intelligence because of the “unacceptable risk” Huawei poses.

The UK Government is still debating whether or not to allow Huawei telecoms equipment to be used in parts of Britain’s new 5G networks.

The comments from Mr Putin come after Huawei and Russian telecom company MTS signed an agreement on Wednesday to develop next-generation 5G networks.

Flanked by the Chinese president, Mr Putin said the “role of the dollar has to be revisited” and that America uses its currency as a tool to “pressure the rest of the world”.

He added that America’s attempt to “extend its jurisdiction to the entire world” challenges the global order.