Dublin protesters demand Trump’s removal from office

Protesters called for Donald Trump’s removal from office during a noisy and impassioned march in Dublin.

Around 2,000 people thronged the Irish capital’s main street to urge the US president to go home.

Climate change, left-wing, pro-Palestinian, anti-racism, pro-choice and anti-war activists mounted a rally after Mr Trump returned to Ireland following D-Day commemorations in France.

Andrew Grossen, 23, from Minnesota, a student at a Dublin university, said: “I am an American citizen joining my Irish friends protesting the president.

“I believe he is morally, constitutionally and temperamentally unfit for the office of the presidency.

President Trump visit to Ireland – Day Two
President Trump visit to Ireland – Day Two

“His abuse of powers in the role constitutes impeachment and removal from office, and this is a good show of support for taking that action.”

The Trump baby blimp strained at its moorings overhead in the light early evening breeze as demonstrators left Ireland’s Garden of Remembrance for Dublin city centre.

A large banner carried at the front of the parade read: “Trump is not welcome in Ireland.”

Another called for the US army, which has used Shannon airport in Ireland’s west as a transit base for past military operations, to leave.

Protesters marched past the spot during the Easter Rising in 1916 when the Irish proclamation of independence was read, the General Post Office, on the main artery of O’Connell Street.

An environmental campaigner who is a member of Extinction Rebellion dressed as the Statue of Liberty.

President Trump visit to Ireland – Day Two
President Trump visit to Ireland – Day Two

Joseph Campbell, from Belfast but living in the Republic for almost 50 years, said: “There are protests all over the country and there seems to be lots of people out there who want Mr Trump to go home and
not have a good time.

“I am sure he will have a great time.

“He lives in a big castle and is closed away in his ivory tower but anyway we get a chance in our democracy to tell people what we think about them, especially politicians that we don’t like.”

Banners urged supporters to stand against imperialism and capitalism while podium speakers said it was time to mobilise the left.

Another demonstrator displayed an image of Mr Trump alongside Irish premier Leo Varadkar with the slogan: “Fossil fuel fools, no to climate change, no to war.”

Mr Trump has rolled back many US climate laws despite warnings from his own agencies.

A banner read: “Climate change denial violates our national security – extradite Trump.”

The president’s wall with Mexico has featured during public debate around his visit.

One protester urged the building of bridges, not walls.

Another, in reference to his Irish golf resort where Mr Trump stayed overnight, asked him to “tee off” while others criticised US gun laws.