Arc Vector due to enter production in 2020

Arc has announced that its high-tech Vector motorcycle will enter production at the end of 2020.

The all-electric motorcycle uses a 399-volt motorcycle producing 133bhp. This, combined with the bike’s low 220kg weight, will result in a 0-60mph time in just three seconds and a top speed of 125mph, according to Arc.

The company also claims a 270 mile range between charges for the motorcycle. A total of 960 Samsung 21-700 batteries are used to store energy, and it’s the first time that these have been used on a motorcycle — with them more commonly utilised in household appliances.

The Vector uses a battery-module carbon monocoque, which makes the batteries pack and electric motor an integral part of the bike’s construction. It also features a carbon fibre swing arm, which as well as allowing for better cornering stability helps keep the bike’s overall weight as low as possible.

And rather than a traditional chain drive, the Vector uses a belt drive, which is both quieter and smoother than a traditional chain. It’s also cleaner than a normal chain, as it requires no lubrication.

It also features a full head-up display, and haptic alert systems which can identify hazards and notify the rider.

With prices starting from £90,000, the built-to-order motorbike will be produced in a new facility in St Athan, south Wales. Arc plans to build 399 units within the first 18 months of production.