Skoda turns Kodiaq SUV into one-off Mountiaq pick-up

Skoda has turned an example of its Kodiaq into a striking one-off pick-up truck.

The firm allowed 35 apprentices of its vocational school to unleash their creative side on the SUV to create this — the Mountiaq.

Gone are the rear two rows and half the roof of the Kodiaq, with an illuminated load bed now sitting out back. The students also reinforced the chassis in an effort to regain the rigidity lost by chopping up the car’s bodywork, while also fitting new rear and side windows.

This is more than just a cut-and-shut job, though. The Mountiaq has been built to conquer anything that could be thrown at it, with heavy-duty off-road tyres wrapped around 17-inch alloy wheels — resulting in a ride height that’s 10 centimetres more than the already capable Kodiaq Scout.

Have a Monday pick-me-up. This year the SKODA vocational school students have designed, engineered and built the Mountiaq pick-up based on the Kodiaq SUV. Sunset Orange paint, roof bar lights, winch, off-road rubber, snorkel, sports seats. Boxes ticked!

— ŠKODA UK Media (@SKODAUK_Media) June 3, 2019

Adding to this rugged aesthetic is the addition of modified front and rear bumpers, along with bullbars, a winch and an array of lighting elements. Completing the look is an eye-catching Sunset Orange paint finish.

It is powered by a fairly conventional engine though, with the 187bhp 2.0-litre petrol engine that’s also used in a number of other Skodas featuring here.

One of the apprentices working on the project, Petr Zemanec, said: “Building the Skoda Mountiaq with our own hands was a unique opportunity for all of us, as we were able to use our theoretical know-how in a practical context.

“We also benefited from the new connections we were able to establish with students on other career paths. We will never forget the over 2,000 hours of work we spent making our unique pickup.”

It’s not the first time Skoda has let students of its vocational school unleash their talents on a bespoke project. Previous creations include the Sunroq — a roofless version of the Karoq — and the Rapid Spaceback-based Atero, which boasts a sleek roofline and neon lighting.