All-night party begins as Liverpool fans celebrate Champions League victory

Jubilant Liverpool fans in Madrid have begun celebrating their team’s Champions League win, with an all-night party expected to fill the streets of the Spanish capital.

Tens of thousands of fans travelled to Madrid despite not having a ticket for the match, with many optimistic they would be able to snaffle one at the last-minute.

Mohamed Salah’s penalty in the second minute gave the Reds an early lead, before Belgian Divock Origi guaranteed Liverpool victory with an 87th minute strike.

Liverpool fans
Liverpool fans

As the final whistle blew at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium, six miles away in the centre of Madrid jubilant fans embraced, threw beers into the air, and began reprising the chants from the Anfield terraces.

The build-up to the game went largely without note, after police warned supporters bad behaviour would be dealt with “robustly”.

An allegation of police heavy-handedness was made by Tottenham fans on Friday night, after reports that several were hurt.

Spanish police brought in 4,700 extra officers, supplemented slightly by their Merseyside and Metropolitan counterparts from the UK, to help deal with the influx of British nationals.

Liverpool fans
Liverpool fans

Tensions between some fans and police threatened to boil over as supporters from both sides queued patiently in the baking 32C heat to enter the stadium, three-and-a-half hours before kick-off.

Police arrested two Britons – for counterfeit tickets and assaulting an officer – while scores of others were turned away as they tried to get past the security perimeter at the ground.

One young woman was seen being tackled on the ground by an officer after fleeing from security when her fake ticket was spotted.

Many of those who tried and failed to get into the match followed the game on mobile phones outside the stadium.