For these three star signs, failure is not an option

For some people, losing is not an option. Failure isn't even part of their vocabulary, and they would definitely never utter the words "it's the taking part that counts!"

If you're a Leo then you're likely to have pride and a positive belief in your own self-confidence - giving you a boost in the success stakes. For the lion sign believing in themselves is a major source of strength. However, when failure does call, it can have a major knock on the ego.

The twin sign of Virgo, likes nothing more than the perfectionist's touch. They don't like disasters or pitfalls, so always go to extra lengths to ensure they get what they want - no matter how long it takes.

Finally, Capricorn, with their self-control and self-discipline means they have the patience to wait for the opportunities to present themselves. They're often realists with a belief in their own abilities.